Welcome to the Oriental Arcadia

It's said that in the 19th century female traveler Isabella Bird praised this Okitama area as "Oriental Arcadia". She made a good metaphor, didn't she? Okitama area consists of 3 cities in Yonezawa-shi, Nagai-shi ,Nanyo-shi and 5 towns which are Oguni-machi, Iide-machi, Kawanishi-machi, Takahata-machi and Shirataka-machi located in the south of Yamagata-ken. It hasn't changed since the past: here is a beautiful, magnificent nature, the gift of fertile land and the vibrance of traditional festivals. There is the heart of hospitality to cherish people.There are also affluent foods, well-known hot springs as well as secluded hot springs, Sake and relish in rich variations too. Well, when you travel, please come sometimes to Okitama and fully experience the Oriental Arcadia.

Welcome, Okitama journey

walking through the town

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'24 あやめ開花情報(6月24日) 【長井市観光協会】
"Roadside Station Yonezawa Cherry Festival held from June 8th!"【米沢観光NAVI|新着情報】
'24 あやめ開花情報(6月20日)【長井市観光協会】
米沢市上杉博物館 企画展「KAGAYA 星空の世界展~Starry Nights~」のご案内【米沢観光NAVI|新着情報】
アラウンド西吾妻 「2024夏山大冒険eMTB&ガイド付きトレッキング」【米沢観光NAVI|新着情報】
食べて健康!動いて健康!カラダシアワセ大作戦 朝ヨガイベント「朝よが毘美美」6/22・6/23開催!【米沢観光NAVI|新着情報】


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