privacy policy

The collection, use and management of personal information on “South of Yamagata, sometime come to Okitama Travelog.” (“This website” for short) is processed as below under the Yamagata Privacy Protection Ordinance

▼What is Personal Information

Personal information is the information that could identify or could be used to identify an individual such as address, name, telephone number, email address etc.
※ Information about members of corporation or other organization included in the information of that identical corporation or organization is excluded.

▼Collection of Personal Information

It’s a principle that the information collected through this website is provided (submitted) by the customer, and the collection should based on the customer’s willing.
And the purpose of collection should be clear in advance, and only information necessary to the purpose is collected.

▼Use of Personal Information / Provide to Third Parties

We shall not use or provide the personal information collected through this website except in cases with the permission of  customer or the laws allow, or in cases permitted by Regulations of Yamagata Pertaining to the Protection of Personal or Private Information.

▼Management of Personal Information

We shall manage the collected personal information seriously, and take proper measures to protect the collected personal information from leakage, misappropriation, tampering, etc.
Information that is no more necessary to store should be deleted clearly and in time.


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Yamagata Okitama Tourism Portal Site.