Miso soup with bear meat and vegetables

A part of Japan’s local cuisine is wild gameBear meat is a rare treat for the matagi, mountain hunters of northeastern Japan. The Kuma (Bear) Matsuri is a festival that has come down to us with a history of more than three hundred years. Imbued with ritual, the festival includes words of comfort for the soul of the bear by the matagi who live in the Kotama-gawa River area of Oguni and an expression of gratitude to the mountain gods for their protection. Enjoy bear stew, a rare delicacy, along with warm hospitality at the festival. Some of the ryokan (traditional inns) offer it as a dish. Inquire when booking!


小玉川熊まつり kotamagawakumamatsuri




民宿の越後屋 minsyukunoechigoya

四季を通じて美しい景観、美味しい食材を育むところです。 岩魚、山菜、キノコ料理、手打ちのそば、うどんなど多彩なメニューをご用意..


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