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JR Akayu Station

25min walk

Eboshiyama Park

This park was built by the local volunteers during the Meiji period. Through a rise overlooking the Yonezawa basin, you can enjoy the scenery of the sakura of spring, the leafy shadow of summer, and the automnal tints of autumn. Eboshiyama Senbonsakura is very popular as one of the 100 most famous place of sakura.

10min walk

Memorial Hall of Toyotaro Yuki

The front gate was rebuilt from Edo residence of the original lord of Satsuma, Shimajitsu. In Showa 12, the belongings of Toyotaro Yuki from Akayu, who was the Minister of Finance, Minister of Colonial Ministry, and later became the 15th presidency of Japanese Bank, was found and collected at ancient tombs in this city.

10min walk

Yunabikarakoro Kan

Here is tourist guide facility located in the center of Akayu hot spring. There is Sale Corner selling local products, where you can buy specialty products of Nanyo-shi or Akayu. There are public bathhouses and foot bath full of tourists and local residents.

3min walk

Winery(4 in this city)

Yamagata-ken is one of national leading farmland producing grapes. As the one of the 3 biggest wine producer, wine here are brewed using the locally produced grapes and good local climate. There are 4 winery ( Oura Wine / Sakai Wine / Sato Wine / Sudo Wine)

10min car

Kumano Shrine

350,000 visitors come to Kumano Shrine every year. It is considered to connect with the god first confessed in Japanese myths. It is said that your dream would come true if you can find all of the 3 rabbits carved on the back of main shrine.

15min walk

Archives Center of Twilight Crane’s town

The Zurununo Mountain Chinzo Temple that started and handed down the old folk tale of “Repay of crane” is at this area. There are also many places such as Turumakita, Hanetuki whose name are recalling the memory of the story. Following “Repany of crane”, there are many other stories told orally. To hand down them, Archives Center of Twilight Crane and Museum of Tales were built.

Yamagata Okitama Tourism Portal Site.
Yamagata Okitama Tourism Portal Site.