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Scenic views in Okitama that should not be missed.Scenery in Okitama that is so beautiful it cannot be described in words or with pictures. Some of the features of the scenery include views that change 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, views that preserve history and views that have been forged by the power of man and nature. Depending on the time of year and day that you visit and your own state of mind, the scenery will leave you with different impressions.


滑川大滝 namegawaootaki



くぐり滝 kuguritaki

岩の中から滝が流れ落ちる様からくぐり滝と呼ばれている 南陽市の北部にある小滝地区に、国道348号と県道5号のT字路があります。 ..



天元台高原(紅葉) tengendaikougen

天元台への入口である白布温泉の裏手から白布三十三観音までの紅葉道はサクラ、イタヤカエデ、ブナなどが見られます。 吾妻連峰の峰か..

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