lunch box (Eki ben)

Station bentos featuring local cuisineAmong the excellent ekiben (station bentos) you will find in Yamagata is Yonezawa’s famous Gyuniku Doman-naka, featuring locally produced Doman-naka rice cooked to fluffy perfection and topped with slow-cooked beef and beef soboro (crumbles) flavored with a special sauce. Created to commemorate the opening of the Yamagata Shinkansen, this ekiben is a national favorite.



道の駅 米沢 michinoeki yonezawa

正面には西吾妻山が季節ごとの顔をみせ、 田園風景が四季折々の景色を楽しませてくれる道の駅です。 見て楽しい、食べて楽しい道の..


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