national treasure property

The treasures of Okitama are the treasures of JapanThe Yonezawa City Uesugi Museum has in its collections National Treasures, such as works of art, Uesugi Folding Screen Paintings of Kyoto (designated on June 15, 1995) and the Uesugi Family Archives (designated on June 22, 2001). The museum has thousands of other valuable items pertaining to the Uesugi family.



上杉文化エリア uesugibunkaeria

米沢の観光は何と言っ ても上杉神社の参拝か ら。 周辺には上杉博物館・上杉伯爵邸・上杉城史苑 ・べに花庵・観光案内所・児童会館な..


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