secluded hot spring / geyser

The hot spring that nobody else knows… The word “hito” refers to a spa or hot spring that is not well known whether due to being located deep in the mountains or at an isolated tip of a landform where people seldom go. Since ages gone by, Okitama has been filled with such hot springs where those in the know come and go quietly, enjoying their time in the natural surroundings. Step into the hot water while soaking in the majestic panoramic tapestries woven by nature.



飯豊温泉 飯豊山荘 iideonsen iidesansou

飯豊温泉は昔、熊が湯で傷を癒しているのをマタギが見つけ、開湯したと伝えられています。 美しい自然と、源泉にほど近い熱めの湯は、..


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Yamagata Okitama Tourism Portal Site.