The excitement to see these extraordinary structuresThere is a romantic quality to dams. Hard-core fans and first-time visitors alike will be fascinated by the vast volume of water and the power that is unleashed during a water discharge. Among the dams in the area are Nagai, Gassan, Yokokawa, Kijiyama and Tsunaki-gawa Dams, and they are used for events and leisure activities.



白川ダム湖岸公園 shirakawadamukogankouen

風薫る5月、萌える緑が湖面に美しく映えて爽やかな初夏の風が気持ちの良い大自然の懐に抱かれた湖岸公園です。 周辺では、大自然の中..


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Yamagata Okitama Tourism Portal Site.