Different scenery at just the right paceThe Okitama cycling route goes from Nan’yo to Takahata and then on to Yonezawa. A part of the route runs along the Mahoroba Ryokudo (Mahoroba Green Road), originally a part of the rail line between Yonezawa and Akayu Stations and improved for cycling after the line was discontinued. See Okitama’s beautiful autumn scenery in a new way!



高畠町太陽館 takahatamachitaiyoukan

全国でもめずらしいJRの駅舎機能をを備えた温泉付きの総合コミュニティー施設です。とんがり屋根が特徴で、童話作家浜田広介 のふる..


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Yamagata Okitama Tourism Portal Site.